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  • Hi Everyone, I'm back after a long absence. I've done another World Cup Fantasy Football program for this summers world cup. With my program you ask all your friends to rank all the 32 Countries from 32 to 1pt giving 32pts to the Country you think will win the world cup, 31pts to the runner up and so on down to the Country you consider the weakest on just 1pt. Enter everyone's selections into the 'Data' Tab, and the add in after each match the number of Wins, Draws and Goals into the 'Results' tab. Now go to the 'Results tab and my program has added up everyone's score. Now here's my CHEEKY request. I've love to be able to enter the results into the 'Match Order' tab, and the program adds up all the sores and updates the tables, score and wallchart. There used to be a wallchart on this forum that did all of this from a previous World Cup but I can't find in on here. Maybe it's been removed ? Iknow it's a lot to ask but I'm hoping you'll all be able to help. You can all still use my program as it is, as it still works, but I'd love to get the 'Match Order' tab to work. Kind regards Gary Hunt
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  • Hi Everyone, I've found the file I'd like to merge with my Fantasy Football programme. Unfortunatly this one is password locked so I can't read the formulas to try and do it myself. I'd like to be able to add this to my programme, so when you put in the result it automatically adds the number of wins, draws and goals to the results tab.
    Hope you can help. If memory serves one of you guys did this for a previous world cup. But it no longer appears to be on here. I know it's a big ask, butI'm hoping you can help. Kind Regards Gary Hunt.

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