using variable for array substitution

  • I have to arrays UF1() and UF2()

    I have dim'ed them

    dim UF1(), UF2()

    I want to access them with a variable.


    x = 1
    arrname = "UF" & x (arrname will = UF1 or UF2)

    then use it below as such

    redim preserve arrname( 1 to some number)

    Is this possible?

    I know you can do this with userform objects. Eg: set obj = me.controls("label" & x)

  • No, it's impossible
    maybe something like this

    If x = 1 Then
        ReDim Preserve UF1(1 To 5)
        ReDim Preserve UF2(1 To 5)
    End If
  • thanks Nilem. I thought so. but I asked anyway.

    I already have what I need working as a single array. I wanted to split it into to arrays, (one for each userform) but did not want the extra redundant code.

    Here's my code

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