sum based on 2 row criteria values.

  • HI All,

    Please help:

    look for all 2 matching values in sheet, these 2 criteria must be met with the same structure which is 2 rows (one top and below of each other). Then sum the row values within the range of where the match will occur of these two combined criteria values (b to f or the 4th column after the criteria):

    CRITERIA: 12345 (top row)

    apple (bottom row)

    SUM RANGE: F1 TO F19

    ANSWER: 210

    sum range: all rows in the 4th Colum after the criteria column (in this case is F column)

    Note: only sum b1 and b2 values that has b3 blank. if b3 has value then should not be in the sum.

    please see table as attached. the return value must be 210. F20 TO F23 NOT INCLUDED SINCE THEY HAVE VALUE BELOW THE "apple".

    Thank you all.

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