Sorting and subtotal by one date to another and introduction of a blank line after

  • Hello and an early thanks for any help that I can be given. h

    I have 12 of these worksheets and they are for each month in the year. They are in one workbook and named as this one is but with the next month each worksheet that is displayed will have the next month displayed also so ocomparisons and such can be followed. All other ones will be hidden and each worksheet will have a password and that is "password"...

    Problem: Sort and subtotal stats by week period ending in column A8 while adding two light gray lines after the last sorted date. In this example B20 would be the last sorted line and the code would then add two light gray lines after B20.
    Data is entered daily --- Each Friday the data will be subtotaled and Weekly stats & Month To Date stats & year to date stats witll be calculated and posted in columns F & H-Q
    Row 13 will be sum of all stats entered on this worksheet. The total will be obtained by adding column F & H-Q for rows 8 through 12. If there isn't a ending date in the month I'm working on there will only be 4 weeks in column A
    Each week will be calculated as the first one and placed below the previous week in the data rows.....
    After 4th week of data being sorted and summed there will probably be a few leftover that won't fit anywhere. These numbers can be at the tail end of main data part of the body BUT I don't know how to (difficult to explain) count those numbers outside of the last week on this worksheet but count them for the month to date and the year to date stats ***** as well as have the numbers included on the next worksheet under the first week of the next worksheet Friday, Feb 2 2018. I don't know how to not double count these but still maintain accuracy for each week. I'm guessing vba is the best way because manually doing it defeats the whole purpose.
    I hope someone can help me with this problem because I know very little about vba... Thanks so much in advance.

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