My pending questions

  • From 3-4 days my question is unanswered fine
    but now i contacted nilem she said its a paid question i have to pay but but my question is i am doing the follow up from last 3 days reg my question y u have not notified me for the same
    this is not acceptable from ozgrid members see my previous feedback but this is not acceptable at all

  • Of course, you are on a free forum. But you demand an answer, as if you are on a paid resource. That was my answer in a PM.
    You should just wait until someone answers your question (I will no longer answer your questions).
    PS nilem 'he', not 'she' )

  • Sorry Nilem that was not my intention actually i am new here and just doing the follow up of my question
    Sorry Once again u r a knowledgeful person forgive me for the. Same we all are members of ozgrid and u r like my frnd

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