Despatch model

  • Hi

    I'm trying to put together a simple despatch model - sample attached.

    Essentially each day a number of orders are placed and a number of orders are despatched. When orders are despatched this decrements the overall outstanding number of orders. This is shown in rows 5-9 of the sheet.

    In the lower table I'm trying to show the number of outstanding orders by when they were placed - assuming orders are despatched on a first in first out basis. As you can see I've keyed the answers in as the mental maths is pretty straightforward - but I need to be able to plug in different order placement and despatch figures and reuse the sheet for future events etc.

    So what I'm looking for is a formula to put in c12 which can be dragged across to p25 and show how many orders are still outstanding from the date in column B (which relates to the date in row 4). Any help appreciated!

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