How can I update links in excel?

  • I have a workbook with a chart-sheet on it. It has two series, one from workbook A and one from workbook B. If I delete the series from workbook B, the chart book should update it's links to show that only workbook A is linked. However if I update it still shows both books as linked. I tried running;

    Sub chart_book_sub
    ThisWorkbook.UpdateLink Name:=ThisWorkbook.LinkSources
    End Sub

    but all I get is runtime error 1004
    Method 'UpdateLink' of object'_Workbook' failed

    I have also tried to go Data, Connections tab, Edit links, Update links. But the link to workbook B remains.

    It seems the only way I can update the links is to save and re-open the workbook. Does anyone know how to update the links without having to do this?

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