Workbook_Open() executes before COM Add-ins have loaded...

  • Community,

    I have a tool built on Excel which relies on a COM add-in (SAP EPM client for BPC). On open I need to initiate a database login and report refresh (with EPM provided functions). The issue I'm running into is that the Workbook_Open macro runs *before* the Add-ins have loaded. The Add-in loads (seemingly) immediately after the Workbook_Open macro has concluded. I feel like this is only on a more recent release of Office 2016 (running build 1705),

    • Has anyone else run into this?
    • Can anyone suggest a workaround? Notes:
      • I've tried Application.wait... while "waiting" no COM add-ins load.
      • I've confirmed the add-in is "Installed" with Addins.Installed. Apparent installed is not the same thing as loaded...
      • I've tried installed = false, then installed = true to re-install... still not the same thing and loads after macro has concluded.

    • Is there a way to truly pause a macro and kick-off a new macro a few seconds later (it takes about 2 seconds for the add-ins to load)?

    Thank you,

    Bewildered Excel user (aka Jordan)

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