Userform Listbox list combined with Cell Value to display Checkbox as Selected

  • Hi,

    What I'm trying to achieve is to load a complete list (from a named range "koetswerk") and compare it with the values of an active cell (in row K) after clicking in it. If the values (Ex: SD, P, SUV) are equal to the ones in the complete list, then it should show a "checked" checkbox in Listbox_KW. The listbox can have multiple selections. What I've already found out is how to put the data in the active cell with the Sub cmdADD_Click().

    This is what I know is working:

    'Me.ListBox_KW.List = rngKWA.Value              '<--- LIST ALL FROM NAMED RANGE
    '.List = Split(CStr(ActiveCell.Value), ",")     '<--- LIST SPLITTED CELL VALUES

    I've started out with a For loop. How can the data be compared and .selected ?

    I'm a vba newbie and I'm struggling for days to find a solution that really works (searched many forums) for this. Thank you when responding.

    [ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Column K - List All","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"1198591","data-size":"custom","height":"367","title":"Koetswerk - Column K - List All.JPG","width":"300"}[/ATTACH]


  • Can you add a sample workbook. This way we don't have to remake the userform.

  • I think this is what you want.

    1. Update this section of your form initialize event.

    2. To get this I googled this string "+vba +select multiple items in listbox" and found examples of how to get it done.

    Also I realize you're new so here's a critique of some of your code.

    1. Good that you're set option explicit ( all variables need to be declared )
    2. Good that you're using error catching ( I still don't )
    3. In your form you referenced the form itself by both frmKW and Me .... to be consistent pick a style stick with it.
    4. You used With / End With which is good. But in your initialize event you NESTED 1 inside the other and both were referencing the listbox.
    5. Use consistent indenting. It will make your code easier to read and follow.

    Other than that .... good job.

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