Previous workbook data before you call the Macro from PersonalWorkbook.xlsb

  • HI!

    I would like to solve this problem:
    My colleges get a lot of wrong excel workbooks. I wrote an macro what can repair them… I would like to copy the macro each of my colleges computer, into the excel to the PersonalWorkbook.xlsb…
    I want to take an icon to their quick access toolbar, which can started to run my macro. The main problem is that, the macro, what will start to run as an object in the PersonalWorkbook.xlsb, it doesn’t know, what is the last workbook, what my colleges open on their PC… So, my macro doesn’t know whether workbook is that my colleges want to repair…

    Could somebody help, how can I reference that workbook, that my college see, when he call the macro (macro start to run in personalwb.xlsb], but what was the previous workbook)???

    Thank You very much!


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