Merging duplicates in rows but creating new columns for differences

  • Hi there,

    I have a real problem in that I have a vast data set to analyse but can't analyse appropriately as the data set can't be easily manipulated (or at least with my skill set - why I'm here) or manually changed (without spending the next year sorting the data). Essentially most of the columns contain the same information (variables that do not change) and could be merged but two of the coumns contain information that I need to keep as discrete pieces of information by moving them all onto the same row where the other information is the same. I essentially want to use the data to see end to end time from the start of the procedure being logged to being issued and where any potential hold ups in approvals are. My thoughts are to get them all in a single row but with additional columns (see picture below).

    Another complication as I've tried to demonstrate in the picture below is that the data is jumbled up and I really need the approvals to be chronological, so ideally need something to move them into an order. I've seen some add-ins (I can't install these on the work computers as our MS Office is quite locked down) that state that they can do this but would prefer a VBA (though I'm not very advanced here either) solution.

    Any help or suggestions are very welcome.


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