Populate userform textboxes from combobox selection. Multiple occurances on sheet

  • Thanks in advance...I have a combobox with a list that is populated on userform load. I am using an multipage with 2 tabs. My combobox is titled ACFTBOX I have the following textboxes:
    MSL1, 2, 3, etc through 12
    D1 ,2, 3 etc through 12
    S1, 2, 3, etc through 12
    L1, 2, 3, etc through 12
    F1, 2, 3, etc through 12
    P1, 2, 3, etc through 12
    C1, 2, 3, etc through 12

    The data is stored on Sheet "Serial Number" across 8 columns
    Column 1--MSL
    Column 2--ACFT
    Column 3--D
    Column 4--S
    Column 5--L
    Column 6--F
    Column 7--P
    Column 8--C

    The Combo box is populated from Column ACFT
    This column will have multiple occurrences of the same number i.e. A0035

    What I am trying to do is use the combo box to locate the ACFTBOX.value and populate the appropriate text boxes for each time the ACFTBOX is found.

    I know this is confusing so I have attached a sample document. The tab titled aircraft history is the one I am looking to populate. The tab title New PRD is working

    Any help would be great. I know the existing code could be made more simple but it's what I am familiar with.

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