ListBox.List not matching CheckBox & ComboBox criteria after correctly filtered sheet

  • Hello! This is my first post here! I have been using this site for about a year now and it has been a tremendous resource.
    I am usually able to figure out my questions on my own but after several days of googling my current problem, i am still very stuck.
    My UserForm (UserForm1) is almost fully functional with the exception of one problem:
    My objective: When clicking the Search button, the listbox will display results for only "Active" records and the other search criteria identified. The user searches for a record, by making their selections in both Combo Boxes (Combobox1 and ComboBox15), then they can click the checkbox (CheckBox2) to filter column F by "Active".

    Problem: I am able to get the code to filter the sheet "Assessment.Tracking" to reflect the value of selection made in ComboBox.15 according to the column associated with ComboBox1.value and to reflect the CheckBox2 value of True ("Active") in column F, but for some reason the ListBox(ListBox1) is not reflecting the correct List.Count or the correct rows in the ListBox.List. It is not accounting for a few of the rows that do in fact meet the criteria of both the ComboBox15.value and the CheckBox2.Value.

    I have tried this with and without the checkbox2 change event and it seems to be yielding the same results.
    I have also attached the workbook.
    Thank you in advance for any help offered!

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