Formula FIX

  • Hello,
    Can someone please help me with an idea
    I have the formula "IF(J$33<Program!$A$2,IF(OR(Program!J14="1",Program!J14="1(W)"),'De scazut'!J$38-('De scazut'!J$38/8*'De scazut'!J12),IF(J$33<Program!$A$2,IF(OR(Program!J14="3",Program!J14="2"),'De scazut'!J$38-('De scazut'!J$38/8*'De scazut'!J12),0)))) "
    and it seems that doesn't recognize the 3 , for 1,2 and 1(w) returns the correct value
    any idea ?/
    thank you

  • Hello,

    Do not hesitate .. to attach your Excel file ...:wink:

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