IE automation with Checkboxes to fill form and submit

  • first post* new to VBA and coding, trying to learn as much as I can

    Trying to automate internet explorer to do the following in this order:

    • Loop through 7+ check boxes

      • if checkbox is true then link an adjacent cell's value
      • use that value to fill web form fields
      • select value from drop down(s) on web form
      • submit web form
      • close browser

    I'm struggling to find documentation on how to link values when a checkbox = true

    For i = 1 To 7+
    If Sheet1.OLEObjects("CheckBox" & i).Object.Value = True Then
    '...take string value
    '...insert into form field  IE.Document.getElementsByName("MyString")(0).Value = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("sheet1").Range("a2")
    ' drop downs 
    '...submit form 
    '...close IE
    '...skip if checkbox isn't checked
    End If

    I have been unsuccessful at selecting drop down values.

    IE.Document.getElementById("regionDrdn").Value = 2
    IE.Document.getElementById("stageDrdn").Value = certification

    If anyone has guidance, I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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