Data Validation

  • Hi I am trying to use =OR(EXACT(F8,"C"),EXACT(F8,"O")) in custom data validation for cell F8, which isn't working, if I use formula in a cell G8 and validate F8 it works fine, I want to force only a capital C or O in cell F8, Thanks

  • Hi, I just cut and pasted your formula into a clean excel sheet and it worked perfectly. It prevented all other letters and prevented in lower case. Have you tried in a clean sheet to rule out anything else conflicting with this?

  • Hi pdrobinson, mmmm you are correct I have done the same and as you say it works in a new sheet, will have to try and see where the issue is, played around with validation quite a bit so may need to clear some cells, and reload the worksheet to see if that helps. thanks

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