To create multiple checklist and rename according to input vba

  • Hi all, I have a checklist which contains 2-3 sheets.Every time I have to fill some 15 checklist(all same one) and rename it according to the scheduling sheet. Eg I will get a work like X_XX_XXX_XXXX , Y_YY_YYY_YYYY etc which needs to be verified and create a checklist for the same. I will input all these (X_XX_XXX_XXXX , Y_YY_YYY_YYYY) in a excel sheet and if I run a macro it should ask for original checklist to be duplicated multiple times(input box) and should rename(X_XX_XXX_XXXX , Y_YY_YYY_YYYY) with names.
    Please help me in this.
    Thanks a lot.

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