Listing of "Formula 1" Racing Teams

  • The Formula 1 racing season is about to start and there are a bevy of fantasy-type online contests. I participated in a few last year by randomly guessing the results but as the season progressed, a case for formulating predictions on a worksheet became clear.

    Here is the background.

    There are 11 teams which have 2 drivers each (a total of 22 drivers). You have a budget of $75.
    Each driver and team are priced differently.

    The object is to pick 3 teams and 3 drivers without exceeding the $75 limit.

    How can I list all possible combinations of '3 drivers and 3 teams' that would fall within the $75 limit?

    I'm hoping this can be done in excel since I have no experience with VBAs. Thanks.

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    I think it's going to have to be VBA solution:

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    Works like a charm!!!!!
    I know with 140,000+ possible combinations, this exercise seems futile.
    But as soon as we have some real-life results, I'll be able to create a spreadsheet with point values, do a v-lookup and sort according to my pre-set criteria. The 140,000+ items will be whittled down to a realistic 100 or so possibilities.

    ..... now if anyone has the inside scoop on whether Vettel can pull off 4-in-a-row or if Lotus has an ace up their sleeve, I would be much obliged.

    Thanks again.

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    No problem. It's a start at least but a scoop would sure be helpful! I'm backing Vettel for a 4th. Best of luck with your deliberations.

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