how can i make money with the knowleage of my excel and vba

  • Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for your help of this website, I am from India , I have seven Years experience , I want to know can i make some excel projects and sell on website ? IS IT POSSIBLE, or how can i make money with the knowleage of my excel and vba,

    Your advice will be my daily bread.


  • As a suggestion you should be trying your local area as a starting point to build up a client base. Target your local computer outlets, last night I was in a shop and during conversation mentioned to the owner about my Excel VBA knowledge. As it turns out she has a book full of contacts that need Excel help. Hey presto a new client base! Next I would target local industry and especially an area of your expertise such as accounting, engineering etc. Many companies have some need of Excel development in either staff training or program design etc.


  • You can make money using your Excel and VBA skills. I run a training company in Canada and Excel/VBA training and consultancy is our best earner. As a rule our clients like us to be certified to Master Instructor status, but in reality you need to be way above this level to consult. Get the word out to every company, computer outlet and any other organisation you can think of. Almost every company uses Excel to some extent and they always want help. Make sure you give quick, efficient and cost effective solutions and they will keep coming back. Develop a good all round knowledge of all types of business practices so that you can quickly grasp their situation and give them the best solution.

    Good Luck.

  • What if funny is that I am kinda a hack programmer.

    I am by no means clean with my code and I am by no means really good. But I see so many applications out there when I watch the things that businesses do manually that even my code would be the holy grail.

    I continue to watch from the sidelines hoping to stumble on a job. Go in to an office. Look at their proceedures and bring them up to the 21st century.

    I watch this thread with baited breath.

  • Epidemic,

    You sound a bit like me, difference being that I have done exactly that where I work.

    The 21st century has smacked them right between the eyes. Problem being that I'm not getting paid to do it (yet).

    Everything our guys did was manually and by their own devices (different). I've digitised the whole thing, and majorly reduced the development time by wrapping it up in the Excel environment and driving it with VBA.

    Like you I was fairly new to VBA so I've learnt on the fly and snatched and modified code to suit my requirements. Personally if you have a job to do this is the fastest approach, I'm now in the process of trying to get approaval for additional training based on the software developed.

    I think there is hugh potential to streamline systems and procedures using Excel and VBA. Opportunities abound !


  • Excel is not a Good and long time solution. Is it true ? I know excel well, I am thinking everthing to develop in excel.

    Please advice.

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