Super Macro multiple conditions

  • I am trying to automate the creation of a report that I presently make to such a level that I can push it onto the users who are not known for their computer skills. I enjoy macros and VBA but this is a little more ambitious than I have gotten so far. I am attaching a sample file containing the source data and the template it will end up in. What I need to do is for each cell in column C of the Data tab where H is not "QC-Completed" and U is blank the copy S, AD, B, C, E, H, L and paste them into the next unused row on tab Pass On in the order I listed to cut them so S would go to A and AD would go to B and so on.
    I am hung up on the multiple conditions and I do have a tendency to over think these things.

    Ideally this would fit into the following code that I have already written:

  • Try this, I have tied up your code a bit and added new code to get the required data from the "Data" sheet and add it to the "Pass On" sheet.

    Note that there is no need to copy the Pass On headers every time if only the data below the headers is cleared before new data added, the code below does that.

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