Range reference using a variable

  • Please note that I am a beginner user of Excel, so please excuse me if i use the wrong terminology.

    Im writing a macro which will ask the user to enter the desired raw number, then "in the already selected cell" it will calculate the average of a range that starts from the 4th row of the conlomn of the active cell to the entered row number by the user.

    active cell is B1, the macro will first ask the user for the desired row number (ex. 250), then the macro will calculate in B1 the average of B4:B250

    This is my failed attempt

    Sub Macro4()
    Dim Value05 As String
    Value05 = InputBox("when will it reach 0.5?")
    ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=AVERAGE(B4:B(Value05))"  
    End Sub

    Thanks in advance

  • Try

    Sub GetAverage()
        Dim sRow As String, lCol As Long
        With ActiveCell
            lCol = .Column
            sRow = InputBox("Enter the final Row # for which the average is needed.", "Range To Average.")
            If sRow <> "" Then .Value = Application.Average(.Parent.Cells(4, lCol).Resize(CLng(sRow) - 3))
        End With
    End Sub

    It is dynamic in that it will work for any column and average the values from Row 4 to the Row entered in the Input Box for the column of the Active Cell.

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