Pivot Table - Multiple Sheets

  • HI Experts

    I need a little help please.

    I have a large workbook, with 9 working sheets, each contains a different table (all with the same headers)

    What I need it to create a pivot table which summarizes all the 9 tables.

    I have chosen Pivot Table - Multiple Consolidation Tables, and within the Range I have put the table names ie THCCash[#All], and THCConCash[#All] etc, but where you change the field (1-4) these remain blank, meaning I do not get any good data.

    If it were an ordinary Pivot Table I would have:

    Report Filter: Date (which would be grouped MMM-YY)
    Row Labels: Sub
    Row Columns: Ctr

    Can anyone please explain what I am doing wrong.


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