VBA/Macro Copy & Paste based on Date

  • Hi All

    I am trying to develop a macro off of a button that will copy and paste data from a sheet.

    At the moment I have a button 'Print Audit Sheet' which is located on a cover sheet

    I have the following sheets 'Cover Sheet' & 'Network', within network each supplier has an Audit date which is a manual data entry.

    I have built a macro to refresh the data to bring anything that is outstanding or due 'TODAY' to be filtered to the top of the sheet drawing it to the users attention, however I want a macro that when clicking straight on 'Print Audit Sheet' it will select all data that has an Audit Date of today or older, it must copy all rows from A;K within 'Network' and print it to a destination of choice i.e. PDF to desktop or straight to printer.

    Any help would be appreciated I have tried various routes including searching and then copying and pasting onto another sheet but this didn't seem to work.

    Thanks in advance.


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