Writing slicer selections

  • Try this UDF

    Then in the cell where you want to show the selected slicer item(s), if slicer allows multiselect then each selected slicer item will show separated by a comma.

    =GetSelectedSlicerItems("Name of Your Slicer")

    The slicer Name must be enclosed in the double quotes.

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  • Thanks KjBox - I just came in here to post the same solution I find through a google search! It works pretty good, but a bit resource hungry perhaps.

    However, one thing it is missing is capturing deselected items (using the CTRL button). I'm wondering if/how this would be possible to capture this?

  • I've noticed that using the GetSelectedSlicerItems macro is very resource hungry. Slicers that were taking a few seconds to refresh the data are now taking tens of seconds. I'm wondering if it's because I've set it up on too many slicers (12 all up).

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