Search a column for a key word and then pull entire row into another spreadsheet

  • I am new to the VBA/Macros world. That being said I pretty good with Excel just not the programming side.

    I have a 7 tab workbook that I need to pull information from a certain column (When it finds that word, it pulls the whole row) into an 8th tab for my boss.

    All the tabs have the same information (as in the same 22 columns). Information starts in B7 - W7 and can be up to 100 rows per tab. He wants this so he can make changes to the information.

    I'm not sure if its possible to have the changes he makes on the 8th tab reflect back to the original location from where the information came from.

    Hope this is not too complicated and I explained it clearly.

    Any help is welcome.

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