Copy activex buttons to another sheet with the initial macro assigned to them

  • Hello all,

    I have a problem that is killing me, and therefore I kindly ask for your support.

    I have made a code where a a sheet is copied from workbook 1 to actual workbook.
    And then from the actual workbook two buttons from sheet 1 are copied to the new sheet (imported from wb 1).

    So I managed to make everything except to assing the macro from actual workbook sheet 1 button to the new buttons copied in to the new sheet.

    Here is what code i tried to use:

    ' Get the object.
    Set ole1 = ActiveSheet.OLEObjects(1)
    Set ole3 = ActiveSheet.OLEObjects(2)
    ' Create a copy.
    Set ole2 = ole1.Duplicate
    Set ole4 = ole3.Duplicate


    With Sheets(Shdecopiat)
    .OLEObjects(.OLEObjects.Count).Top = "12,75"
    .OLEObjects(.OLEObjects.Count).Left = "189"
    '.OLEObjects(.OLEObjects.Count).OnAction = "'VerificaAngajatiNoi'"
    End With

    With Sheets(Shdecopiat)
    .OLEObjects(.OLEObjects.Count).Top = "12,75"
    .OLEObjects(.OLEObjects.Count).Left = "318,75"
    '.OLEObjects(.OLEObjects.Count).OnAction = "'ImportaPontaj'"
    End With


    I actually have the code under button_click event, but since I don't know how can I copy it I made also a module with the same code.

    Can you please help me with a solution for this ?

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