Macro to delete bad phone numbers

  • Hello, reaching out to the experts to help save me!

    I have phone numbers in columns A though D that can be up to 200k rows. I want to delete invalid phone numbers based on various criteria. This includes phone numbers that are not exactly 10 digits, numbers with specific beginnings 900, 800, 855,111,222,333 etc, numbers that have seven repeating characters 4079999999, numbers where characters 4 through 6 repeat 4075551212, 4071117890 and also non numeric data.

    After that data is clean, in columns E through H I need to shift the remaining valid numbers, removing any columns that no longer have data. Example; row 2 had numbers in columns A through D and phone numbers in A and C were deleted, move B and D to be consecutive in row 2 column E and F.

    Appreciate any help as this has been manual process nightmare!

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