Print page if cell value starts with specific letter/number

  • Hello all!

    This is my first post, so I´d like to thank you all in advance. I have intermediate excel skills, and I´m just starting in the world of VBA.

    I have a long worksheet filled with employee cards, each card is 40 lines per 20 columns. In cell F4 I have the client Factory Code, which is a 5 character code whose first character (can be a letter or number) defines the factory ID. So every 40 lines from cell F4 (F44, F84, F124...) I have a diferent code, and those starting with the same character are employees from the same factory (ex: 81234, 84321, 81324 are all employees from factory 8).

    Is it possible to create a code where a page break is inserted at the end of every card AND print only the pages that contain cards from the same factory?


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