Macros to search and update data

  • Dear experts,

    Can someone help me on creating the code?

    I have saved some part numbers (say around 15 items) in a .xls file (file name "Update_Data.xls") within column A of Sheet 1 of this file.
    I also have a csv file (file name "Raw_Data.csv") with a long list of part numbers (around 500) in Column C and in Column D. Successive columns of this file has some other data.
    I am looking for some macro that will run on "Update_Data.xls" file to:-
    1. Open csv file "Raw_Data.csv"
    2. Pick 1st part number out of the 15 saved on sheet 1 of "Update_Data.xls" file and find any matching part number in Column C or Column D of "Raw_Data.csv" file, and if a match is found - then concatenate "Completed" to the value in corresponding cell under column H of the same sheet.
    3. Pick 2nd part number and repeat above action and continue until a blank cell is found in column A of sheet 1 of "Update_Data.xls" file. while doing so, if "Completed" is already added in column H by previous process, then skip to next.
    3. Save csv file with name "Completed.csv"

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