Button or drop down list to change range of cells ( 4 diff.colours)

  • It's an easy,quick form to tell what i wish to do. It's not complete i know, i just wanted to show you how i imagine the inner workings of it in excel by this.(I asked one of my colleges to write it down quickly :) )

    We only need 4 stated to be rotating by a button, as the following shows:
    Class State { enum RowStates {White:0,Red:1;Yellow:2,Green:3} //White is the basic state.Nothing has //happened,only recording //Red is failed //Yellow is problematic/under production //Green is all done. int states = 0; //state counter helper number RowStates CurrentState=(enum)states; Static Void ButtonPressed(event args stuff...) { If(states!=3) states++; //this makes the steps further //which results color change else states=0; //this resets the states to white } } How can i make it in excel with macros?

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