Get the right image from a sheet into an image control of another sheet

  • Hi EXCELlent people!

    Beginner first post... First of all congratulation for the forum. Used a lot as visitor and learn a lot... thanks!

    I am working on a recipes workbook and I need to ask for your help in order to retrieve an image (shape) from a sheet and show it into another one.

    I'll explain... I have a sheet with a "database" containing the name, category, author, ingredients, preparation, date inserted and a photo of each recipe.

    I inserted all the data in the sheet via a userform.

    So now I have a nice long list of recipes, one per row, with all the necessary data and a photo for each recipe in the last column (column 7 or G) named like Image1, Image2, Image3 etc.

    I am already able to get all the values of each recipe in Sheet1 into textboxes, calling them from a combobox dropdown list populated with the recipes names.

    But I can't figure out how to get the right photo for each recipe when showing the data.....

    How can I get the right picture for every recipe I'll call from the combobox?

    Any help will be really really really appreciated.

    PS I confess I have already asked the same question on mrexcel and excelforum but nobody answered me... not even a hint...

  • Please add links to your cross-posts. Thanks.

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  • I cross posted during the weekend out of desperate stupidity. I was already reprehended from MrExcel and ExcelForum. Here are the links and my apologies.


    Still, my quest is unsolved unfortunately.....

    I had another idea about solving my problem but i cannot post here otherwise i will be eaten by the forums for cross posting... You can have a look at it at the excelforum link

    BREAKING NEWS With the help of excelforum i think i solved my problem. thanks everybody!

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