4 Dependent Combo Boxes

  • Good Morning Fellows,

    Today I’m coming with a kind of hectic request and I’m sorry for that
    However, I hope that I’ll find your usual kind assistance

    Now, simply what I need to do is to build 4 Dependent Combo Boxes
    Not 4 dependent data validation lists, I know how to do that but I don’t want this option, I need that 4 Dependent Combo Boxes option

    I’ve attached sample sheet which is prototype of my original sheet
    As you should see, I need the 1st Combo Box to include the options of X/Y/Z
    And the 2nd one to include A/B/C or D/E/F or G/H/I, depends on the 1st selection
    And the 3rd & 4th Combo Boxes to work the same way

    I know that with Data Validation Lists, Name Ranges manner usually assist a lot
    But here, with Combo Boxes, I’m not really sure how to manage the Name Range manner
    Or is there any other way?
    Please advise, I work in an important project and I need this part to accomplish it

  • Nope, I'm afraid that this is the Data Validation manner I mentioned, I could do it but I need Combo Boxes controlled by VBA for my project

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