ActiveX Listbox Resizing Issue

  • I have 4 list boxes on a worksheet that I have manually placed and sized. While the lists are populated via VBA when the file is opened, there is no VBA control of sizing or placement. While the file opens fine for me, the boxes grow in size on coworkers machines. I have already verified the following.

    Everyone has there zoom setting at 100%
    No one has a monitor resolution set to anything other than Recommended.
    I have the listboxes set to not move or size with cells
    I have IntegralHeight set to false on all 4 list boxes

    None of that appears to help. As mentioned the only VBA touching the boxes populates the lists and selects all items on opening. The following is the list populating code for just one of the boxes (I trimmed the sub down since its pretty much the same thing repeated).

    The following is how I select all the items in one of the boxes. The string is just to house the selections for a formula.

    Is there anything in there that you think could be resizing the boxes, or something else I am missing? It does seem like it occurs after the lists have populated, as when a coworker first opens it the boxes appear correct. But once the list is there is goes wonky (which is what I thought IntegralHeight would fix). I know it would be simple to just force it to a size on opening but I hate band aids, especially when it works on my computer.

  • Update: I turned off the list population and item selection subs so the boxes are not touched at all by VBA when the file is opened and the listboxes still resize on coworkers machines.

  • Apologies for the dumb question as I have always used ActiveX controls. Can form controls be placed on a worksheet and populated in a similar manner to the above code, or does it require the use of a userform?

  • Copy that. Do the ActiveX controls wig out because they are intended for use on userforms and not necessarily within worksheets themselves?

  • I don't think that's the reason, they are just very buggy. If you search you will find countless references. It's possible there is another solution to your question but if you can manage with Forms I think that's the easiest approach.

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