Populate Userform textbox based on cell selected by Combox data

  • Dear Expert,
    i want to fill up my userform2 text box data by selecting combobox1. let me explain & see the attached file also.
    in my file user form 2, their is a combobox1. i need when i select any data from combobox1 then my other all text box data (this userform2) automatically populate based on worksheet2 data.
    1. i want to select combobox1 data from row source list only, no chance to input manual but it show me same character list that i want to type.
    2. combobox1 data source is woksheet2 AE2:AE100 & on my userform2 all text box data collect from my worksheet2 field/range AE2:AO100.
    3. userform2 open as: Option-New Order.
    Please Help me.

    Best Regards

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