if 2 cells in one row match 2 cells in another row copy a cell

  • Hello,

    i have tried to do this but can’t seem to figure it out.

    i have a work book with 2 sheets and I want it to match two columns with two columns on anouthher sheet and if they are the same then to copy anouthrr column. Example bellow

    A................. B. .... E
    1. Cable1 _____. Unit1.
    2. Cable 1 _____. Unit2.
    3. Cable 2. ______. Unit1.
    4. Cable2. ______. Unit3.

    sheet 2
    A. ............B. ..........C
    Cable#. Unit#..... Side
    1. Cable1 Unit1. SideA
    2. Cable 1 Unit2. SideB
    3. Cable 2. Unit1. SideA
    4. Cable2. Unit3. SideB

    So what I need is if sheet1 A1&E1 are the same as sheet2 A1&B1 then sheet2 C1 will copy to sheet1 B1

    note the lines on sheet 2 are all over the place but the unit will always go with the cabl# on both sheets. There are multiple lines with the same unit which is why it has to match the cable#. The side a & b of the cable # will always be different unit #s

    thanks in advance


  • Cross post almost fixed. I requested it to be deleted. Was going to do that last night but I lost power. and could not do it from work because I dont have access to that site there. ""this single post can be deleted"" but please keep the main thread open.

    Sorry for the inconvenience

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