Duplicating data rows that contain multiple vlookup values

  • My problem is in 2 parts.

    • Each supplier listed in the tab "IT App Dev" (Column B) needs to be matched with a Commodity Code.
    • The Commodity Code is determined by VLOOKUP the SubCategory Code "IT App Dev" (Column K) in the tab "Phase 2 Taxonomy".
    • For this SubCategory there are two (2) commodity codes: 80101507 Consulting and 81111509 Application Development Services
    • So there would be two (2) rows for each Supplier, the first row would return the value 80101507 Consulting in Column AB, and the commodity description in AC

    I created a SAMPLE OUTLOOK FILE tab to see what I'm trying to do.

    Unsure if I needed a macro first to create the extra rows then do a lookup using INDEX or something?

    Really appreciate the help.

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