Copy data from columns from Columns G to M from unique files with conditions..

  • Hi there,

    My problem is to that I'm trying to gather data from multiple workbooks (I have 16) and get it into one master worksheet.

    All the file names are unique and are in one folder. There is a Masterfile named zMaster.xlsm also in the same folder.

    The rows of data I want to copy from each workbook is located in the same area on a similarly named sheet (i.e Sheet1), and I was hoping if there was a macro that I could run to copy the row from each workbook and paste it into the master workbook in the next blank row.

    I want to copy columns G to M from each of the files into the Masterfile.

    Conditions are Columns K have a date and column L is blank. They have to match with the serial number in column A

    After copying the lines in the Masterfile, update column L with the date the macro was run.

    I have included the files. Copied the data from Raghu.xlsx into the Masterfile.

    Hopefully, someone can help me with this!

    Thank you



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