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  • Hi There,

    I'm having trouble with a piece of code that i've used in the past but for some reason is now skipping without performing the intended formatting. The idea is to open each file in a specified folder and perform a formatting function before saving it again. Right after the Do While command, it just skips to the bottom and I can't understand why.

    Thanks for your help!!!

  • You're missing an End With. To be honest I'm surprised your code didn't give you a debug error. Is your page setup for current sheet & not worksheet(2)? cos your code seems to look that way. If t is for worksheet2 then change "Activesheet.PageSetup" to ".PageSetup"

  • Hi Chirayuw!

    Thanks for the quick feedback. I tried running the code both with the activesheet declaration and without. However I continue to get the same problem. Also, like you pointed out, no error message. A bit of a head scratcher for sure!

  • Yup...that fixed the jumping. Getting an error message with:

    With Workbook.Worksheets(2)

    whether i use the activesheet declaration or just .pagesetup. Once I remove it...the code runs alright. The files contain a hidden first sheet which is why I wanted to refer to worksheet (2) but i'm wondering if that is necessary.

    Thanks a million!

  • depends on whether the first visible sheet is always selected in the files. if it is then u don't need it. if it isn't then you need to select it first.

    secondly that code doesn't work cos u gotta use activeworkbook not workbook.

    another thing to watch out for is the Worksheets(2) does not necessarily mean the 2nd sheet in the file, cos technically you can rename any sheet to whatever u want & move em around in the file but 2 will refer to what it shows as 2nd sheet in VBA module. so technically any sheet in the file could be sheet 2 in vba module

    so to select first visible sheet - refer to below thread, 3rd post…rmine-1st-visible-ws.html

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