Cascade Table with Combobox[es] on Userform with dates

  • Good day

    I am new to VBA.

    I need help with a userform that I created to edit data from my table. When I click list drop down button on all 3 combo, they show me a very long list to choose from.

    How can I narrow the list with only the same value like we click on filter drop down button on sheet filter?

    And how can the second combo box only show values based on the first combo box?

    I attached my file for review.

    I hope someone may be able to assist me.

    Thank you so much.

  • Hello, something like ,,

  • Hello, something like ,,

    That's awesome. Thank you so much Pike.

    I have changed 2 text box to sheet 2 to test.

    But another issue is 2 text box not show the correct number to edit. It only cache couple rows to show. If I edit that number, it will changed to another row, not correct row like show on combo box.

    How can I fix it?

  • Hi,

    I have a file where I need to add same data on a sheet. The added data is then colored in colour. After that I need to look the data from start and look for duplication based on colored ones and normal ones and delete the no colored ones duplication, any idea how can this be done by formula macro ?

  • Another issue is if I change date format on Column C (Month) to "mmm-yy" or any formats which are not Short Date (m/d/yyyy). It will have error with no cells select or available. :(

  • Hello,
    Filtering imported dates is a tricky
    The userform code

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