Sheet not advancing as expected

  • I am attempting to learn VBA through trial and error and have been working on this project for about 5 days. I have read alot and asked some questions but now I am stuck. This is a workbook of several sheets, the cover page is the last piece that needs to be completed. It is also the most "complex", for me at least. On the first sheet there are 5 user inputs that must be filled out before continuing the code. As the code is written, this portion works as intended when a box is not completed. A message box appears and forces the input. On the bottom half of the page there are checkboxes that if checked, another message pops up when acknowledged takes the user to the next sheet. That also works. Here is my issue, If all user boxes are full and no boxes on the bottom half are checked, then I do not advance to sheet 2 (Project steps) as intended. It is probably something very simple, but my knowledge of VBA code is very elementary at this time. Hopefully I will get better over time. Here is the code:

  • Try:

       MsgBox "Please refer to the FAS08-037 Att. 3(b) bulletin for Complex Lifts before proceeding"
       Sheets("Project Steps").Visible = xlSheetVisible
    End If
    Sheets("Project Steps").Select

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    Practice makes perfect. I am very far from perfect so I'm still practising.

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