Excel Macro that utilizes Toodledo.com's API

  • I am trying to write a macro that will allow me to add task to Toodledo.com (task managing webpage) from data within excel. I could easily write a macro that emails the information to my toodledo email address, but this is not what I would like to do.

    The problem that I have is I do not know how to start the code utilizing Toodledo's API, which can be found here:

    I am very proficient in writing excel macros, but making a macro utilize a website API is out of my league... maybe it is not even possible to do this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    This is perfectly possible, if a little bit of a pain in the arse - sending and receiving data to a website is very straightforward and since the website returns xml, it's very easy to parse. Have a look at the MSXML2 classes, they will handle both sending and parsing. The bit that's a pain in the arse is the format that you need to send your data in, it expects JSON formatted strings, that are url encoded. There is nothing in Excel that is going to do this for you, but the JSON is pretty straightforward - so you should be able to write functions to build it.

    I obviously can't check the below, but adding would look something like (obv with no error handling):

    As far as I can see, the biggest pin will be generating the api key - Excel doesn't have any means of creating an MD5 hah, so you have to get a bit creative ;)

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    Thank you so much for lending me a hand, this is incredible! I had forgotten about the MD5 hashing... I wonder if there is someway I can handle this outside of excel. What ever I figure out I'll make sure to add to the post. Thanks again!

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    MD5 hashing is easiest using the .Net objects, this creates the same output as the PHP MD5

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    This MD5 macro you provided is by far the simplest code I have seen to do this task. Thank you for all your help, I am we'll on my way to creating this Macro!

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