Data Populating by combobox data

  • Dear Expert,
    In the userform in my attached file, i have a combobox & if i select a data from combo & click "Show details" button then user form other txtbox data show me combobox releated data. example: if i select a data from combobox as OGSQA 1282 then click " Show details" button then order qty show 10000 & SMV show 16.05 as other field also.
    Another thing, in combobox i just want to select or enter match character data. not enter any new character. please help me.

    Best regards

  • Hello,

  • Hello,

    Place this code in the userform module (to access the userform module, double click anywhere on the user form in visual basic editor):

    I also noticed that your userform has the combo box's row source set to the range Sheet2!A2:A100. You will need to delete this before the above code will work. To do that follow these steps:
    1. Go to the userform and pull up the properties window in visual basic editor.
    2. Click on the combo box and the properties window should change to reflect the combo box
    3. Within the properties window, scroll down to "RowSource" and delete the text in this field
    4. Save and exit visual basic editor.

    If you change your sheet names at any point in the future, you will need to update the text in the above code from "Sheets("Sheet2")" to "Sheets("NewSheetName")". This appears twice in the code I wrote for you.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Very nice max,
    now thinking

  • Hello Wahid,
    The changes would be for Userform2

  • Dear Expert I am so sorry for again replying. actually it was working but suddenly now its show me "Could not set the list property. Invalid property arry index" please code in my sheet & upload.

  • Hi
    Its because you have only one value in the column
    you will need to replace this

  • Dear Expert,
    I want to add 2 combobox for vlookup means 2 different combobox for filling data different textbox data. i am trying & combobox 1 with releated textbox data showing ok but combobox 2 with releted data not working. please help me. I attached file. here userform 2 combobox 2 data collect from Sheet 2 AP & other text box data showing from AQ:AU. Userform showing-Option-New Order. Please help me.

    Best Regards

  • Hello, use

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