My File Crashes if i stop the execution.

  • I am calling a function which is in another workbook. There , if i stop the execution the file is crashing. I am showing a temp function. In this file1 contains the code test() and the file 2 contains the function testFunc() and the return type of the testFunc is Object and when i stop the flow of execution then the file crashes. Kindly run the function and help me resolve this issue.

    File 1:

    Function test()

    'Range("A1").DataSeries Rowcol:=xlColumns, Type:=xlLinear, Date:=xlDay, Step:=2, Stop:=500, Trend:=False

    Dim RetVal1 As Object

    Set RetVal1 = Application.Run("'" & "C:\Users\User\Documents\test2.xlsm" & "'!testFunc")

    End Function

    File 2:

    Function testFunc() As Object


    End Function

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