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  • Respected,
    Can I have the solution like
    when an employee enters his/her employee ID 1st time,
    HARD coded date and time is entered in 2nd cell ,
    2nd time , HARD coded time is entered in break start ,
    3rd time then HARD coded time is entered in break end and
    4th time HARD coded date and time is entered in day end
    ----------ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD ColumnE ColumnF
    ROW1 Emp ID DAYstart Breakstart BreakEnd DayEnd calculate HH:MM depending on hours done

    Zohar Batterywala

  • Respected Chirayuw,
    concept is that the front end is only given space to enter employee ID.
    An employee is not given access to excel sheet to enter date and time manually.
    (problem is that some emp[loyees are too dumb to make mistake in entering
    while others are too smart to edit it so that complete 8 hours are counted though they have worked less)
    Zohar Batterywala

  • Respected Chirayuw,
    Or like we can hide column B to F, only allowing employee ID------- to enter in column A
    Zoharf Batterywala

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