Copy Worksheet Columns

  • Hi all!

    I would like to have two worksheets, one with 'data' that contains sensitive information and the other which can be mailed out to the 'users'. However, I only want to be working/updating the 'data' spreadsheet, I would like the 'users' spreadsheet to update itself automatically from columns A to C in 'data'.

    I tried using '=' and then clicking on the cells I want to pull the information from but it creates loads of 0 values in the cells and doesn't important formating ie. cell background etc..

    Apologies for the convoluted fashion in which I have described what I'm trying to achieve, I hope someone can help me?? I've also attached an example, hope that helps!!

    Many thanks for any help!!


  • I think your method should work, but to get rid of the 0's, you can go to "Tools" - "Options"

    On the "View" tab, uncheck "Zero Values".

    This should do the trick

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