Hyperlinking PowerPoint Slide Show in Excel to Open Full Screen

  • Hi guys, I hope you’re doing great.

    Quick question for you, I’m trying to hyperlink file with extension of ppsx in Excel.

    You got it right, ppsx it’s PowerPoint slide show that’s supposed to open in full screen, show the slides by each click, and the whole programme window is supposed to be closed once the show is over.

    However, whenever you hyperlink it in any other file, like Word, or Excel like what I need here, it doesn’t behave that way anymore, it opens the slide show but not in full screen, and it doesn’t auto-close the PowerPoint window after finishing the show.

    It was expect to do that at least. I don’t know why it acts that way and how to overcome this problem, I began to hate PowerPoint, the simplest tasks it doesn’t do it smoothly :D

    I don’t know how to show the error as the excel simply contains hyperlink that is linked locally to a file in my C-Drive

    Anyways I'm attaching the excel file but I'm afraid that the forum website doesn't allow uploading PPSX format

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