Excel function to exclude a list dates/columns

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  • I am forming a chart from sheet A. Sheet B contains all my data.
    I want to exclude a specified date(s).

    Sample data:

        |   |    A     |      B       |      C       |      D      |      E      |      F      |
        | 1 | Date     | 29/03/2017   | 30/03/2017   | 31/03/2017  | 03/04/2017  | 04/04/2017  |
        | 2 | Number 1 | -594590.4649 | -636666.4504 | 795637.1614 | 842563.4322 | 496463.9301 |
        | 3 | Number 2 | 2189587.44   | 1301681.418  | 2080839.353 | 1945335.214 | 2421728.123 |

    The final output would be me excluding 30/03/2017 , and keeping the rest in my data selected for my chart.
    the issue is that I want to maybe exclude a date in the middle of my selected range. But since this may be a hassle to input a long formula each time into my data selected. I would like to see if there is any formula/function to eliminate a specified date/column. Perhaps manually enter the column you want to exclude in a formula.

    My current range is something like


    But is there a function to exclude one of these columns?

    I can manually select which dates with Ctrl but seems tedious.

  • Easiest way. Pivot chart. Filter whatever you don't want to see out of the Pivot and the chart will reflect accordingly

    True, I guess a slicer could work too, but the problem is my data is horizontal not vertically aligned.

  • These are great suggestions. Still wondering if anyone has any ways of excluding dates maybe through user defined function or a formula when selecting chart data?

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