Automatically make a list from filling in a variable in another sheet

  • Hello

    I created an Excel file where I calculate the reinforcing steel in a concrete structure.
    This structure always has the same dimensions except the height. The Excel file is automated this way that I only have to change the height and I automatically get the results (6 numbers, let's say u, v, w, x, y and z)

    Now is there a way (with an Excel formula or VBA) that I can make a second Excel sheet where I give a list of different heights with intervals of 0,25 and I automatically get the results (the 6 numbers) from the autmated sheet behind them?
    2,50 u v w x y z
    2,75 u v w x y z
    3,00 u v w x y z
    3,25 u v w x y z
    6,00 u v w x y z

    Thanks for helping

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