VBA code to check for empty text box, if text box is empty stop

  • I am looking for a code that will generate a message box if there are values in either TextBox2 or TextBox3 but nothing in TextBox1. If this happens I would also like it to stop the sub.

    This is my current code that will generate a message box but only if there is a value in TextBox3 and nothing in TextBox1. It doesn't seem to check TextBox2. Further, once I click Ok on the message box it will forward the value in TextBox3 to the worksheet, which I don't want.

    Private Sub SubmitCommandButtom_Click()
    'Error Message if Unit Number is not Typed in
        If Len(TextBox1) = "" And Len(TextBox2) > 0 Or Len(TextBox3) > 0 Then
            MsgBox "Unit Number must be entered to continue!"
        End If
    'Inserting original unit values into workbook
        Sheets("Uneven Split Job Aid").Range("A2") = TextBox1.Value
        Sheets("Uneven Split Job Aid").Range("B2") = TextBox2.Value
        Sheets("Uneven Split Job Aid").Range("C2") = TextBox3.Value

    Thanks for any help!

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