How to Share VBA Macro Workbook among team members

  • Hi there,

    Could you please guide me how we can share VBA Macro Workbook among my all team members. As my workbook has VBA coding to update Master worksheet once any of other worksheets updated. As in all other worksheet each member is going to work on that I have total 57 worksheets. one is Master and rest all 56 different stores and each member is responsible of updating each (store) worksheet.

    Thank you and Regards

  • So, are you saying you have 1 workbook with 56 worksheets and 1 worksheet that gets updated from the 56 worksheets? That would me the 1 workbook needs to be shared with 56 or more users at the same time? This is for clarification of your question.

  • Hi Vwankerl,

    Yes. One workbook has 56 worksheets and each worksheet update by each member of my team (at the same time) and once they update all worksheets end it should be update in 1 worksheet(called as "Master"). Hope you get the clarification. thank you so much

  • The problem is going to be having multiple users updating the same workbook at the same time, even if they are working on separate worksheets. Does the MasterSheet have to be updated in real-time or can it be done like at end of day? I would start out approaching it as 56 separate workbooks (1 for each user) that have the same VBA. These would then update the Master workbook like a database. This would remove the frustration of having multiuser access/update of the same workbook; plus it would isolate the data of each user from the others. This is not a trivial exercise but I have done similar things so it is doable.

    When the MasterSheet is updated, does it have to pass information (like summary information) back to the users in real-time?

  • Hi Vwankerl,

    Thank you so much. Could you please help me to do as you suggested to keep 56 workbooks instead of one and I think we don't need to pass information back to users. As my boss asked me to update mastersheet based on all 56 worksheets.thanks

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